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The Human Fund for the Art Education

The Human Fund – Art is always becoming part of human life for a long time. There are many types of art that people has developed all through this years. Music, painting, dance, picture, sculpture are only small parts of art that exist in the human world. Almost everyone has the access to be able to know the art specifically although there are some barriers that make some people unable to do that. Poverty was only small cause for this problem. Poverty makes people unable to enjoy the chance to be well educated about the art or maybe it makes them can’t afford to hire somebody to teach them or their kids about art in their school.

This is the problem that needs to be solving right away. Art is part of people creativity that brings up the world into much better and beautiful place. Art and creativity are a unity that cannot be separated. The creativity world has brought more different to the world more than people can imagine. The creativity can manifest in many areas such as fashion designer, marketing advertiser, graphic designer, architecture and many other areas. Creativity people in this area was a valuable asset that a country have and this is why it was so important to have the young people get their education an art field without any barrier any more especially only because there is no fund.

The Human Fund

The Human Fund

People in the human fund are working very hard to overcome this problem. The Human Fund is a nontraditional foundation that has their own approach to fundraising. The money they get from their activity considerably used only for art education and also how to make them become a friend of arts. This foundation committed to help young people in give totally support for youth art programming. They served the young people especially underserved youth of the city. This foundation work to fund some art events to support the events itself and also give the chance to many people to be able to enjoy it.

Since this foundation was committing to support the youth act in the art world, they encourage the youth people in Cleveland by giving them the money they need so they can make their own performance. Each year they touch hundreds of students to be able to make their musical and visual arts. They also give the chance for selected students to be able to perform in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame.

There is also some organization that was getting help from this foundation in order to maintain the art exhibition in those places was still going. Everyone can help with this effort by giving a donation to this foundation right through their account number or maybe by joining the fundraising events that they do regularly. This is important, especially for a long term. Youth generation that has the chance to learn about the art can have the chance to improve their social and economic life status. This means that it can help to make the world as a better place to live with.

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