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Lets Focus

 Can anyone guess the time of day that most people feel more stressed? If you guessed Noon, you are correct.  That’s according to psychiatry professor Dr. Michael Miller from Harvard Medical School. He says, at noon, we realize how much work we still have to get done. But instead of diving in – it’s better to take a quick 20-minute walk. It’ll clear your head. Relieve stress, and you’ll come back and be more productive.

But what happens when the stress wears us down and we get that “2:30 feeling”? When energy level is low and it’s harder to focus. Well, good news for us, research has been conducted for easy ways to boost your energy levels throughout the day (I’ve recently tried them, they really work).

When your energy is low, have a tangerine, or tangerine oil, on hand. Taking 6 slow breaths of that scent activates the brain’s limbic system, producing energizing beta waves. And the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation says, within a minute, you’ll have less fatigue and more energy.

Another helpful tidbit of advice; if you you feel your focus fading, Google some wildflowers. This picture to the right is from a roadside in North Carolina. Feeling more focused yet? According to the Journal of Environmental Psychology, looking at pictures of fields of flowers for 40 seconds is enough to increase concentration for a full hour.

This article, Lets Focus, first appeared on Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less.