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Mary Poppins Takes Kauai

Looks like fun, sounds like fun, I think it will be fun: Disney’s “Mary Poppins” The Broadway Musical presented by the Hawaii Children’s Theatre.

Get out and have a good time. This would be surely fun to take kids to go see. It might even plant a seed of inspiration and an introduction to musical theater! It will be held for three weekends only: November 13th through the 29th. Friday and Saturdays at 7pm, and Sunday matinees at 4pm. See again how this is timing for children? I love a good matinee, so I can get to bed on time ????

At the Kauai Convention Hall, also referred to as the Kauai War Memorial Conventional Hall, is where it will be held. A big thank you to the Hawaii Children’s Theater who has been working diligently to get this act down. Well done!

Case in point, here is yet another example a great way to have a fun, family-gong time on Kauai. Yes, go to the water and be on the beach, yes eat at some great restaurants, see the sights, be outdoors, but also take the time for something different. Sure those things to do might be different than your normal day to day life, but keep in mind that to get out and do different things at different places make them new experiences. Going to see Mary Poppins might just be that something new because it is someplace new and different to you. See what I’m getting at? Join the community and take part in this neat Broadway Musical production.

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