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Plan the vacation of your dreams, TODAY!

It’s a fact that most American workers aren’t taking any vacations. In September, Huffington Post reported that about 40 percent of Americans don’t plan on using all of their paid time off this year.  If you are part of the 40%, you should know that there are scientific reasons why you should in fact, take a break!  Many people feel that no work will get done while they are gone, or that they are too easily replaced and don’t want to upset their employers, when in fact taking a vacation may actually make you better at your job.  Bosses that take time off, return with new creative ideas and a sharper focus in leadership.  Students that travel, often have higher retention of new educational concepts and better problem solving skills. (Learn more on Huffington Post)

What are you waiting for?  Plan a vacation now, and test the results for yourself!

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This article, Plan the vacation of your dreams, TODAY!, first appeared on Sand Dollar Travel.