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Travel Tip Tuesday: Charge Your Phone Before You Fly

It has become standard practice to bring your cell phone with you on international trips – there are selfies you need to take, music to listen to on the long flight, and travel apps you can use to organize your trip, right? Well if you haven’t heard the news,  The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced on Sunday that they will begin to ban battery-dead cell phones on certain international flights back to the United States.   That means, if you plan on returning home and your cell phone battery is dead (and you can’t prove that it can turn on), the TSA can confiscate your phone.  So charge your phone before you fly!

How can you prevent this from happening?

For starters, you can charge your device prior to getting to the airport. If all your electronics are fully charged, you won’t have any problems showing TSA that your device is working properly if you are questioned about it. Having fully charged electronics also helps when you are at an airport and your fellow passengers have hogged all of the available electrical outlets – yes, even in the ones in the bathroom!

I’ve been sightseeing all day! My battery is on 10% – I didn’t get a chance to charge!

We know that there will be times that you won’t have a chance to fully charge your device before you get to the airport.  Maybe you’ve been sightseeing prior to your flight home and you’ve been snapping pics and making phone calls.  It makes sense to bring your cell phone charger in your carry-on so if you need to add some juice, you can try your luck at finding an outlet.  Just make sure if you’re at an international airport, that you have a travel adapter (most cell phone chargers have built-in voltage converters, so just make sure your plug fits into the international outlet!)

What if you can’t find an outlet at the airport?

If you’re traveling with multiple devices, a travel hack to get some juice back in your phone is to plug in your USB charger to your laptop. If you fully charge a device that you know you won’t be using until you get on the plane (and whose battery won’t drain quickly), you can use your laptop as an outlet and get some charge into your phone.  Try turning your phone on airplane mode when charging – this will stop any data-reliant programs running in the background of your device and may help your phone charge a bit faster too.  Most airplanes have charging outlets and you can get a full charge on your laptop and other devices before you return home.

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This article, Travel Tip Tuesday: Charge Your Phone Before You Fly, first appeared on Sand Dollar Travel.