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How to protect your jewelry while traveling

Taking a vacation is one of the best parts of the summer. You get to let your hair down, enjoy the breeze, live in comfy clothes and take the time to relax and travel. However, while you’re relaxing, there’s a higher chance of your personal belongings being stolen. It’s very easy to let something slip away when you’re in “vacation mode” in a different or unfamiliar place.

When you go abroad, keep in mind that a lot of hotels will not be as concerned for keeping your valuables as safe as you are. Many are not willing to take liability for your lavish diamond studs or your priceless family heirloom.

Traveling with expensive jewelry is not recommended, because there’s always a risk of having it stolen or losing it. Don’t bring any jewelry that you would be devastated to find gone. However, if you’re dead set on bringing your favorite diamond ring, make sure your insurance policy covers your jewelry in any event, including when you’re traveling internationally.

Rather than keeping your best necklace and earrings loose in your purse, pick up a travel jewelry organizer. It will keep your jewelry in one place, so you can keep track of them all. If not an organizer, choose a pocket of your bag that will have nothing but your jewelry in there. Keeping your valuables right where you can find them means you won’t be frantically pawing through your bag trying to find your mom’s necklace; it’ll be in its designated pocket.

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Flying to your vacation spot? Keep your valuables on you and close to you at all times. Keep your carry-on next to you and don’t lose sight of your credit card, phone or ID. (Those are really the only things you will need in an emergency.)

If you cannot go anywhere without wearing jewelry, stick to minimal or even costume jewelry. Ostentatious jewels will make you stand out, but not in the way that you want. Jewelry thieves are precise in that their victims are specifically chosen and even followed, waiting for a mistake to be made. A simple pair of earrings is all you really need, if anything. But if your tastes lean towards the loud and glamorous, pick up a few inexpensive statement necklaces or rings. They’ll give you the look you want but they’re much easier to lose if they end up gone.

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In addition to keeping your jewelry safe, you also want to protect it. Going to the beach means you want to take off all your jewelry. Sunscreen and sand can lead to the dulling and roughing up of your favorite pieces. Going in the ocean or a salty chlorine pool can lead to your metals getting damaged or your pieces getting lost. You also want to take precaution with certain gems; diamonds are notoriously unbreakable and can damage other stones if they’re just rattling around loose. A necklace can easily get snagged on a bracelet. Keep them in a travel jewelry organizer or individual pouches to keep them from fighting with one another.

You shouldn’t have to spend your vacation being paranoid that everyone is trying to steal from you or that you might ruin your favorite jewelry, so take the necessary precautions before you leave and you can enjoy your time off in peace.