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Real Madrid is the Worlds Most Valuable Soccer Club of 2015

most valuable soccer forbes 2015

Today FORBES released their annual valuation of the most valuable soccer clubs in the world. Real Madrid, to no ones surprise I don’t think, is top dog. In what FORBES describes as the “super six” they are joined by Barcelona, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City, and Bayern Munich as the biggest and best.

The team valuations as stated by FORBES are:

Real Madrid, $3.26b
Barcelona, $3.16
Manchester United, $3.1b
Bayern Munich, $2.35b
Manchester City, $1.38b
Chelsea, $1.37b

FORBES ranks the teams not only by the money they bring in on gamedays and in sponsorships, but they also account for social media outreach and profitability from that. All of these clubs are very active socially and in turn they monetize that:

The top 20 are led by what I call the “Super Six.” Barcelona, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Real Madrid rank in the top 10 in five crucial areas: social media following, matchday revenue, broadcasting revenue and commercial revenue” says Mike Ozanian writer for Forbes Staff and Sports Money.

One of the things that I find so interesting in this is not necessarily the value of the top line clubs, but the value of some of the others that make up the top 20. According to their calculations, the 20 most valuable soccer teams in the world are worth an average of $1.16 billion, but that is helped by the top line sides making up the bulk of those figures.

Check this out, the 20th ranked team is Galatasary, with a team value of just $294 million. That is a far jump from the top where RM is over 3 b’s.

Its also interesting to me if you put it into perspective of other sports, American sports at least, and look at the values of our clubs in basketball, football and baseball.

The average NBA team is worth about $1.1b with the Lakers being the most valuable at $2.6b with the least valuable being the Milwaukee Bucks at the 30th ranked basketball team at $600m.

The average MLB team is worth $1.2b with the Yankees being the most valuable at $3.2b with the least valuable being the Tampa Bay Rays at the 30th ranked baseball team at $625m.

The average NFL team is worth $1.43b with the Cowboys being the most valuable at $3.2b with the least valuable being the St. Louis Rams at the 32nd ranked football team at $930m.

What does this tell me…. it tells me that there is a lot of money in sports. There is a lot of money in the United States. There is a lot of interest in the game of soccer around the world and in the United States too.

And obviously, there is a lot of money in sports in the United States. See where I am going with this here?

Obviously our MLS Clubs aren’t nearly the bread winners that the other major sports leagues are in the United States, but these teams didn’t have these kinds of valuations years ago either. They built there values on stadiums, TV Deals and each sport finding its experience a particular place in the culture and making it consumable.

Also, the fall off from our sports teams are not as drastic as we see it in the soccer clubs. That’s important I think. That is something as an American audience that we like to see as important, right? We want parity in clubs. One of the things that I always beef with AND DON’T GET MAD AT ME FOR SAYING THIS but I wonder how good Cristiano and Messi are and how good Barca and Real Madrid are in comparison to other clubs around the world because their clubs have sooooooo many more resources than the lesser clubs in their leagues.

And I know that you will point out that Real Madrid and Barcelona are in the final four of Champions League RIGHT NOW, so that should tell us everything we have to know about how good they really are. But I might argue that even though we know that they are great and we know that the teams are really well put together, couldn’t one say that having really deep clubs and going against really poor teams at the bottom of their league amounts to having extra time off, extra rest, making your stats look better, and when you play against other top teams, you are at an advantaage because their domestic league is so much tougher day in and day out? But anyways, thats not really the point of this post.

The point is that again, Real Madrid, a soccer team is the most valuable sports team in all the world.

Real Madrid Tops Ranking Of The World’s Most Valuable Soccer Teams – FORBES