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How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Mad At You


10 Signs Your Girlfriend Is Mad At You

10 Undeniable Signs That You’re In The Doghouse

The longer the relationship, the easier it becomes to read a woman’s many signals. You can figure out when she’s over the moon, under the weather, in a fog or any other mood that can be described with analogies involving elements in the sky. You’re also attuned to when your partner is angry.

At least, you thought you could tell when your partner was angry.

She’s been acting differently, though the cause of her new mood is not obvious. She could be angry — but about what, you’re not exactly sure. The first step is to think back on the last few days and analyze whether you did anything to upset her. If nothing immediately comes to mind, it could be something you didn’t do that’s causing the issue.

If only she would give you some sort of specific sign of her displeasure. You could ask, but in many cases you won’t get much more than a “nothing” or “I’m fine” in response. But when she seems peeved, but isn’t saying much, you have to look for the hidden signs.

Here are 10 clear signs your girlfriend is angry.

She Doesn’t Make First Contact

Women often make first contact during the day — she’ll call to make plans for the night, to ask questions or just to talk to you. Suddenly, the phone and email contact is silent. She’s angry and she really doesn’t want to have any contact with you at all. She hasn’t called, texted, emailed and you suddenly find yourself being the first to pick up the phone or shoot an email.

Her Responses Are Short

Normally, your text conversation involves rows and rows of dialogue and her emails read like the rough draft of a familiar novel. The past few days, however, her answers have been short, cold and to the point. In some cases the responses involve just one word — no. If a woman doesn’t want to go into great detail, she won’t, especially when she’s upset about an unrelated issue. If you’re getting just one-line or one-word answers, there is a bigger problem on the horizon.

Her Responses Are Delayed — If They Even Come At All

For a woman who constantly checks her phone, she is taking an unusually long time to respond to your calls, emails and texts. It’s because she really has no intention of responding, but because she doesn’t want to be as inconsiderate as you’ve been in the past, she’s responding out of kindness. She’s just responding on her own time. She’s probably spending the first few minutes biting her tongue and refraining from saying what’s really on her mind.

She Doesn’t Continue Conversations

Women always want to talk things through — whether it’s plans for a dinner party or the pop culture significance of Breaking Bad. If you’re suddenly the person keeping the conversation ball rolling, or suddenly the partner initiating the conversation, it means she doesn’t want to talk to you. She especially doesn’t want to talk to you for extended periods of time. Be wary when your girlfriend doesn’t have any interest in talking to you about anything.

She’s A Different Kind Of “Happy”

You’ve been together long enough to know when your partner is genuinely happy or excited about an event — a dinner date, a weekend trip or a home improvement project for the two of you to tackle together. Lately, she’s displaying a very disingenuous brand of happiness. It’s a little too over-the-top and slightly sarcastic. It’s a display of false pleasure to signify she’s really not happy about an aspect of the relationship at all.  She realizes that the typical ways of displaying her displeasure aren’t working, so she’s really got to be over-the-top about her current state of rage.

She’s Not Affectionate

Women are generally the more affectionate sex in the relationship. There hasn’t been a day throughout your relationship in which she hasn’t found a way to connect with you physically. We’re talking about physical contact to show affection — like wrapping her arm around yours or quickly rubbing your shoulder to say “good morning.” Her touch is noticeably missing. She hasn’t touched you in days. This is a sure sign there is something wrong. It’s possible to not make physical contact in a day, but anything longer than 24 hours? She’s angry.

She Stops Caring About Your Choices

Because she loves you, she knows your preferences almost as well as she knows her own — she knows the foods you love, the grub you hate, the movies you’ll watch, the TV shows you refuse to sit through and all of your other likes and dislikes. If it’s time for dinner and a movie, and she comes back with Chinese food that makes you vomit and rents a romantic comedy she knows will make you vomit even more, she’s not being forgetful — she just doesn’t care about your feelings at this moment.

She Makes Something Small Into A Bigger Deal

Eventually, the pent-up anger will come to a head, especially because she’s not only upset about something you’ve done or said, but because since the initial conflict, you’ve probably done more than a few other things to irk and annoy her. She is already mad and all the other little things are building up on top of it until she finally explodes over an issue that’s got little to nothing to do with the original reason she’s mad. So while she’s tearing you a new one for forgetting to take out the recycling, she really’s got bigger things on her mind.

She Calls You By Your Name

Since the onset of your relationship, given names have been replaced with pet names like “babe” or “hun” and you can’t remember the last time she called you by your real name. Actually, you can, because she’s been using your real name for the last few days. She hasn’t used a single term of endearment when talking to, or about, you in conversation.

Her Response Is “I Don’t Care”

The three words no man wants to hear. You ask her opinion on a topic. She replies “I don’t care.” She cares. Of course she cares. She just doesn’t care to comment, give an opinion or even talk to you — because she’s angry. Eventually, she’ll care. She’ll care to tell you why she’s angry and hopefully it’s a resolvable issue.

There is the off-chance that she really doesn’t care. If that’s the case, it’s best to just keep asking if she’s angry or try to figure out the cause. Your relationship could depend on it.