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Ten Reasons to go RVing

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Have you ever seen one of those shiny luxury RVs pass by on the road and said to yourself “That would be the life”? Do you want to experience the true open road with no set destination? Do you want to travel with the amenities you have at home? If you have answered yes to pretty much any of these, than RVing might be for you! It has become  booming industry. The yearly RV sales are $16.3 billion growing 6% in the last five years.¹ Meaning many Americans much like you are getting on the road, enjoying the RVing lifestyle and pastime. So  there here are ten great reasons for going on a RV trip.

Return To Nature: Do you enjoy the out doors? Want to see many of the National and State Parks strewn across our beautiful country? Want to go canoeing? Hunting? Birding? Surfing? Hiking? But don’t want to do so without the comforts of home?RVing gives you the opportunity to bring home with you while you surround yourself with the beautiful outdoors.

Home Comforts: With an RV, you get the best of everything. You can have fun in the great outdoors, and you can still enjoy the creature comforts, as opposed to tent camping. If you want to try a rental, or if you own a RV, most RVs have all the amenities you find at home. You will probably have a full kitchen with stove, fridge, and microwave, TV, beds, dining and living areas and a bathroom and a shower. A lot of RVs have rooms that slide out with the press of a button. You can rest outside under the awning, stay out of bad weather, and you can flip on the air if it gets too warm.

Family: In today’s fast pace lifestyle what better way do you have to get a into one place all at the same time?  You plan an RV trip and hit the open road.  An RV will give each member of your family respective space during their drive. No arguing about arm rests,  Elsa keeps kicking my seat.   While giving you all the opportunity to experience the open road together.

Great For The Kids:Sometimes tent camping or even staying in hotels with children can get quite frustrating.  Kids kicking and screaming in the back of the car as you attempt to drive to your favorite vacation spot can get quite frustrating.  RVing allows you and your family to enjoy the amenities of home on the open road.  The kids can sit back and enjoy Frozen for the 100th time, no more are we there yet, I have to pee, to draw out your drive.  It’s all with you and all on the go!

Campgrounds: There are A LOT of amazing campgrounds out there in all different shapes and sizes!  We tend to think we are pretty amazing ourselves and the thousands who visit us each year do too.  Campgrounds like ours in Ocean City, MD offer amenities that enhance your getaway experience! With Jackspot Tiki Bar the parents can sit back and unwind on the shores of the Sinpuxent Bay, while the kids play on the beach, in one of our pools, enjoy our recreation activities, have access to food and goods in our store.  All you have to do is pull up your RV plug into one of our full hook up sites that provide Cable, Water, Power, and Sewer and enjoy your home away from home in an inviting environment. Don’t be afraid to make friends with the neighbors either! Many of our visitors enjoy the same sites and visitors each years.  We become a community and we love it!  Try for even more places to explore!

Togetherness: Much like we just mentioned our location becomes a community of families who love the outdoors, who love to escape the city and find a much slower paced weekend than in many other places.  How many times have you felt your vacation was just too short? Time flew by and there wasn’t enough quality time with the family? With an RV you have full access to your family at all times on the road, less worries, more togetherness. We all know how hard that is most the time.

Options: In a fifth wheel, travel trailer, or motorhome, you have the options to move locations on a whim. Look at this with a grain of salt though. For popular places, you might not be able to get a campground site if you don’t get a reservation. You need to find the correct balance between viewing different places, the amount of time you spend driving and make sure you have enough to kick back. All cautions aside though, a RV will offer you a lot of spontaneity and freedom. RV travel is appealing to people who have a pioneering spirit and who want to create their own adventure as they go along the way. You’ll be able to explore wherever you want whenever you want, or you can take off for short trips, weekend trips, and tailgating events.

Cost: While the true economic value of an RV can be figured many ways.  The cost of gas, insurance, and other expenditures for the road. Often RVers save great money avoiding hotel rooms and eating out.  Many fail to include what is gained by taking a trip in an RV, primarily the comfort of home and togetherness with the family.  These amazing life moments can’t be figured into any costs and are our greatest values in life.

In The RV:  RVs come in so many different shapes and sizes it amazes even us when a new one with more pop-outs than before rolls up. Wood floors, granite counter-tops, and more are not rare sites in the amazing world of RVing.  But they come in all forms and many owners customize them to fit their personal taste and needs.  Do you want mood lights? Do you want a tempurpedic bed? A shower that mimics rain?  It’s all possible in your second home on wheels.

The Lifestyle: The RV lifestyle is an amazing one.  One that sparks the pioneering spirit instilled in us all. To explore new places. To discover new experiences. To enjoy life in a manner that no one else does.  RVing gives you the opportunity not bound by any given course.  Instead of we will take this road to this hotel to get here. In an RV the open road is yours. Find your lane!