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Fun Friday

Tax season can be…well, taxing! So just when our creative, spunky staff starts to tire from the stresses of busy season we take a break and engage in some healthy firm competition. Fun Friday, Bowman & Company’s long time tradition for an annual firm wide competition is just the thing to get our hard working crew back in the groove.

The 2014 Fun Friday event required intense cognitive focus as well as brute physical strength in our football themed firm wide competition. The staff was split into NFL football named teams and immediately given competition instructions. Trained referees were required to regulate the rowdy players as play periodically got out of hand.

The teams were given nearly no time to prepare, but despite the challenges they were able to perform well in all categories: the football hunt, field goal kicking, rock-paper-scissors, cheer team half time performance and a tailgate cooking competition! The teams searched the parking lot to recover their set of footballs and then moved on to compete in a field goal kicking competition with GIANT footballs. Wind was a huge factor contributing to low scoring results for some teams as their kicks ended up in the bushes! Teams gathered to prepare for a playoff style rock-paper-scissors show down where distraction techniques and stare downs were common. The referees paid close attention to penalize unfair and overly aggressive play. Next, the teams split off for 5 minutes of preparation before each team performed their original Bowman cheer. The performances were filled with clever rhymes and fancy moves enthusiastically performed by all competitors. The competition wrapped up with a tailgating cooking competition where teams were asked to prepare a main dish and dessert using cheesy puffs, packaged pastries, snap peas, goldfish crackers and anything competitors could find in the kitchen – all in under 5 minutes.

In a shocking finish the Raiders won in the end! (that can’t be right?!) This team, comprised of Tobbie, Monica, Tami, Jocelyn, Kathleen, Nicole and Dan, showed incredible team spirit in their Fun Friday victory. Fun Friday continues to be a team building tradition that our staff looks forward to every busy season!

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