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Six Summertime Driving Stressors

Summer. It’s easily the best season of the year. From the warm sunshine to the promise of long afternoons at the pool, summer is the time to kick back and relax. Unless you’re driving, that is. Just because the roads aren’t caked in snow or covered by ice doesn’t mean the coast is clear. The dangers of summer driving are more deceptive than the icy roads of winter or the flooded roads of spring. So don’t let your guard down when behind the wheel of your Massachusetts car rental. The following are five summer driving stressors that can cause you trouble, no matter how beautiful the weather might be.

Stressor 1 – Teen Drivers

Now that school’s out, teen drivers are bound to be out in full force. As one of the lesser experienced groups od drivers out there, teenagers tend to pose a bit of a hazard for other, more experienced commuters. This lack of driving savvy can lead to questionable judgment, not to mention serious accidents. As a Massachusetts car rental driver, you’ll want to pay close attention, not just to your own driving technique, but also to the actions of other motorists. While you can’t control how another driver act out on the road, you can certainly control your reaction.

Stressor 2 – Road Congestion

Traffic jams are as much a side effect as summer as sunburns and sandal tans. So plan ahead before you hit the road in your Massachusetts car rental. Leave early and map out a few additional routes. Check the news for reports of construction or road closures.

Congested roads make for harder driving conditions, never mind the potential of heat-fuel road rage. Impatient drivers are bound to cut you off and gesture obscenities in your direction, so brace yourself for some ugly altercations. What’s more, vacation drivers are often unfamiliar with the roads they’re travel, which can lead to erratic maneuvers and unpredictable actions. Expect the unexpected; remember to leave plenty of space between your Massachusetts car rental and the vehicle’s around you.

Stressor 3 – Construction

Summer is synonymous with construction here in Massachusetts, so expect delays and detours. What’s more, always remember to be extra cautious when driving through construction zones in your Massachusetts car rental. The men and women who work in these areas are at risk every minute they’re on the job. Give them a break and a brake when you drive by.

Stressor 4 – Tire Blowouts

The summer heat can really wear and tear at your tries. This is because the hot weather causes the air in your tires to expand, which can lead to a blowout in well-worn wheels. Here at VERC, we make sure to check the tires on our Massachusetts car rentals regularly in order to ensure they’re kept in good operating condition. If you’re worried that something might be wrong with your rental’s tires, please don’t hesitate to mention it to one of our rental agents and we’ll ne sure to check it out before you drive off the lot.

Stressor 5 – More Cyclists

Four wheels are often replaced by two during the summer months, as cyclists and motorcycle riders take to the streets in droves. Remember to exercise caution hen sharing the road with these vulnerable road users. Always provide them with plenty of space to maneuver and make sure to always check and double check your blind spot before making a turn or attempting to parallel park.

Stressor 6 – Sun and Heat

Scorching summer rays are great when you’re out on the beach. But when you’re driving, they can quickly cause dehydration and discomfort. If you’re planning a long summer drive, remember to keep a bottle of water handy in your Massachusetts car rental. You’ll also want to pick up a pair of polarized sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from sun glare.

On the surface, driving during the summer might not seem like it’s all that serious of an undertaking. However, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) July consistently ranks as the month with the highest number of traffic fatalities. What’s more, August and June consistently rank right behind. So don’t let the sunshine lull you into a false sense of driving security. Keep your eyes on the road and your wits about you while out and about in your Massachusetts car rental vehicle. Together, we can help keep the roads of our beautiful state safe for drivers of all ages this summer.

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