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Exotic Caribbean Destinations

If one is looking for the perfect island destination, be it for a beach holiday, honeymoon cruise or exotic vacation one place always comes to mind – the Caribbean. Caribbean composes of different islands each offering a distinctive experience for tourist and vacationers. It is considered as one of the best travel destinations of the world because of its pristine beauty and nature.

Since Caribbean is composed of so many islands each with its own uniqueness and history, one has to decide which island to visit depending on his or her taste. To name a few, here are the top Caribbean destinations according to your vacation preferences:

Beaches and Family Vacation
Aruba is one of the few Caribbean islands mentioned in famous Beach Boy’s summer song – Kokomo. True to the song’s lyrics, the island offers best beaches perfect for a vacation full of sun and water activities preferred by families and vacationers.

Aruba is located in the middle of southern Caribbean, only two-hour away from Miami by plane and about 15 miles north of Venezuela. It is one of the Caribbean’s most popular island destinations because of its beautiful beaches and entertainment offerings such as casinos, golf courses and high end restaurants. Aruba being a free-tax zone is also a perfect destination for shopping sprees.

Outdoor Adventures
If you prefer trekking and other outdoor activities, Martinique is the place to visit. This beautiful island is in the eastern part of Caribbean Sea and part of the overseas department of France. The northern part of the island is known for its mountains and lush forest perfect for hiking and trekking. Mt. Pelee and Pitons du Carbet are the top hiking destinations which are actually part of the 5 ensemble of rainforest-covered extinct volcanoes dominating the island.

Rest & Relaxation
One of the most prestigious in the Caribbean region is the island of Anguilla. The island is renowned for its superb white beaches with crystal clear waters that are best for diving. The island’s luxurious spas, world-class hotels and restaurants not to mention its panoramic landscape and laid-back setting, are perfect for vacationers looking for a place to rest and relax while enjoying the beach and the sun.

One place that stands out for honeymoon destination in Caribbean island is the Barbados. It is the easternmost isle on the Caribbean Sea, bordering the Atlantic Ocean and is famous because of its world-class coral beaches. It is the only coral Island in the region having an all white sand beaches. The atmosphere at Barbados is glitzier and more sophisticated compared with other Caribbean, offering best hotels and resorts perfect for honeymooners. Aside from this, Barbados is famous also for its coconut plantations, tropical jungles, exotic botanical gardens, acres of abundant, rolling sugar cane fields, and a rich and exciting history.

The Caribbean has been considered as one of the top exotic destinations in the world because it offers everything – from water, sun, sand and activities enjoyed by tourist and vacationers of all ages. It combines all the elements of an exotic vacation for a perfect island getaway.

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